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About us

Our goal at EcoMarine Technologies is to use our background in AI, robotics, and marine tech to build an eco-conscious company that provides value to the Oceans and waterways industries.

Founded in 2023, we are a Canadian startup company started in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Our technology has already been tested and already in 2024 is ready to launch!

Our tech is green.  

We set out to build tech that helps protect the environment, and our solution presents this value is two ways.

First, our ROV is a quick convenient solution to ship hull cleaning. Biofouling can reduce a ship's fuel efficiency as much as 48%, so by keeping a ship's hull clean, we are keeping a ship operating at maximum efficiency.

Second, our ROV also protects local ecosystems by removing invasive species from a ship's hull, then eliminating and removing any possible invasive species from being introduces to local waters.

EcoMarine OmniBot ROV

EcoMarine Technologies is proud to introduce the OmniBot ROV, a utility ROV that is able to move freely in water or crawl any surface.  
When equipped with our cleaning system, the OmniBot is able to clean surfaces with any amount of biofouling, even macrofouled surfaces.  

 When also equipped with out collection and filtration system, biomatter is filtered away and eliminated from local waters.

Non Magnetic

The OmniBot ROV does not use magnetics to adhere to secure it's connection to vertical surfaces.  That means that it isn't limited to steel surfaces and is able to be used to clean other surface types such as concrete or composite.

Gentle on surfaces

The OmniBot uses a touchless cleaning system of cavitating jets to clean the surface.  The OmniBot removes the fouling and not the finish from in water surfaces.  Safe for use on any surface, the OmniBot can even be used to clean aquaculture pens.


OmniBot is also about convenience. Capable of cleaning at a rate exceeding 200m(2153ft2) per hour OmniBot can complete your tasks efficiently and quickly.  Saving time is saving money.

Offshore Wind

The OmniBot ROV is the perfect utility ROV for use to clean and inspect offshore wind towers.  

Hull Cleaning

Designed with ship hull cleaning in mind.  The OmniBot ROV is completely a non-contact cleaning system.  There are no brushes or scarpers to harm the hull or surface coatings but the cavitating jets are robust enough to remove macrofouling with a rating up to FR90.

Power Dams and Infrastructure

Invasive mussel species have wrecked havoc on fresh water infrastructure such as dams.  The OmniBot is the perfect tool for removing Zebra, Quagga, or Blue mussels from impacted surfaces.


Don't let biofouling steal oxygen from your aquaculture stock.   OmniBot can safely clean fin fish pens and remove the material from the water so your stock does not need to needlessly suffer any stress from the cleaning.

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